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Christine Hodil
Founder, Source Healing & Awakening, 1983
35 years experience   ~   1-800-325-0264

    FREE  mp3:  "Supporting Your Inner Sanctuary" 

"Christine's work is radical, deep, profound, and can do several years healing in one session." 
  Dr. Jacqueline Chan

Powerful  MP3s:
 "8 Chakras Healing & Activation"  
Level 2 series:  9 mp3s
"Evolutionary Initiations"  series:
5 mp3s


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"Opening: Release of Fear" mp3


"Opening" info and sound sample


Christine's singing interpretation of Minouche Graglia painting:

"Peacemakers, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers" 

Click painting  to hear the full "Blessing Song" on info page.

"Evolutionary Initiations" youtube videos


Cick photo above

Click painting to hear part of Christine's singing interpretation:
"Terra Madre"
Minouche's website:


Divine Template ~ Divine Blueprint ~ Mentorships ~ Programs ~ Healing Service Satsangs

San Francisco ~ Marin County ~ In person, phone, or skype

Metaphysical healer and teacher, psychic, master intuitive, medical intuitive, spiritual initiator

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Rev. Christine is not a licensed physician, medically trained, nor a therapist. This work is energetic and spiritual by nature, and we make no guarantees or claims. Every client is encouraged to see their licensed doctor, acupuncturist, and/or therapist for all issues.